Stop at my sales!

My sales have almost stopped, but I have just over 1000 images online ... It is the fault of the crisis? or maybe my portfolio is very poor? Should I start a little to reflect. I think DT is a good place to put your pictures online, my photos are viewed, but despite purchases are very low, almost non-existent.I continue to send photos in the hope that it will be accepted and increase my visibility but I see that there is nothing ... and it must be the economic crisis!!!

Maybe I have to start changing something, someone I can give some advice?

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Hi fantasyart, also I have abandoned the exclusivity but nothing has changed, I have almost no sales, I continue to send photos to my visibility increases if I get accepted and with the time change anything .... Let's see what will be in the future!


My sales are also detained for two months. I Working exclusively for DT... but these two months my sales plummeted. I decided to abandon the exclusivity.


Keywords are important, but I suggest You to promote Your portfolio and Your image also through social networks. It helps! ;)


Certainly the images that portray people in plastic poses and smiles stereotyped sell very precisely because they have these two features and are great demand but definitely the photo well done also other subjects also sells, probably my portfolio does not have any of these characteristics. I can only say that last year I sold something more. Alvera, my on crisis was just a joke to defuse ... :-)!


@Alvera, I might be an exception, but most of my sales are totally random images, very few are human images! And I do have human images in my portfolio :)

Yet again, I'm no top contributor :P


Thank you all for your advice, I will try to follow some, mainly I'll be more attentive to keywords and titles of the images, I will try to take some pictures more creative as I will allow my imagination ... It is true that you sell a huge amount of photos of people ...
Thanks a greeting


Is crisis but is also about your portfolio. Please look at the top rated pothographers on stock: they have 99% images with people. I see that you have no people in your portfolio. Without people is very hard to make money here. Good luck!


I think your images are great, sorry I can not offer any advice except maybe do some re-keywording and re-titling, might help. Hope you have much more success in the near future. Good Luck!


Angela, you do have a really good portfolio! Some very nice work. But as the successful stock photographer, John Lund, wrote in an article last year, the days of easy money with stock photography (especially micro stock) are over. Nice photos of fruit and seaside landscapes that use to fetch some decent money don't cut it any longer. The market is simply over saturated with brilliantly shot photos of those subjects. John Lund states in his article that the key to success from this point forward is "creative concepts," period. Looking back at my last 50 sales, 34 were creative concepts put together with multiple images. Hone those Photoshop skills folks, you're going to need them to "create" good selling images in the future. I always have to default to Cammeraydave's portfolio, he's a creative genius. And at over 19 downloads per image, the proof is right there in his portfolio.

There is one other option… Travel around the world and get iconic shots of landmark architecture, exotic locations, and rare wild animals. Unfortunately most of us don't have the money and time to do that.

But we all have creativity and imagination inside of us! I remain very optimistic that thinking creatively is the path to success here on DT.


You have great work but I think you may need to diversify more. I have not looked at your entire portfolio but you have several topics that have a lot of similar pictures. For example just on your first page sorted as latest uploads there are 10 pictures of fireworks. On the second page you have 12 images of surfers. This means that while you have over 1000 images your number of unique subjects is lower so the possibility of sales is lower. I am not saying that having more than one image of a subject is bad just that having 1000 images with limited subjects is not going to generate as many sales as 1000 images with a larger number of subjects represented.


My sales and income dropped in May, June has been better but not as it was last year. I guess is the amount of people uploading images and we have to get used to good and bad months.


I have to agree with Igor - you have a lot of irrelevant keywords. Too many keywords is a bad thing if they aren't relevant.


I just added one of your current popular cheese image #13831673 to my food collection.


Sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down when it comes to stock photography, that's just part of life. However if you don't sell for a few weeks, don't panic. The sales will eventually come again, just give it time. Take a look to see what is popular in stock and what sells the best if you are increasing your portfolio.


June is slower! Don't worry, will pick up soon.


Hang in there....on my side everything has come to a standstill as well. Still a whole week till month end. Keep uploading and recheck keywords and titles. I have found that often after adding some relevant keywords or words to titles it has results.


I agree with Pandora849 it's difficult to predict which photos and when they will be chosen, depending on clients' wants and needs.So,don't worry Angela,sometimes I have the same feeling but sales will come!


Hi, is it true that often compiling travel photos with copy paste from other images and use a simultaneous translator and probably you are right you should do more attention Igor to the words I use, recommend that I will follow. There are views its sales to be down, however I dedicate time to the compilation and description of the picture but the result is not satisfactory at all.


Angela, your photos are good enough. My point is that you are a bit inaccurate with keywording.


I see 'scandal', 'suggestive', 'cheerful', 'candle', 'life', 'city', 'collage', 'day' and other absolutely irrelevant keywords.

Where is scandal? WHo is 'cheerful'? Where is 'candle' and 'city'? Who is that buyer who will look for firework putting 'life' in the search string? Why 'day'? Was it a day time? And so on...

Such irrelevant words put your images pretty far from first pages where buyers have chances to find them.

I believe, you should take more care about keywords. As for me, I use advices fro, Art who had an excellent blog regarding keywording some years ago:

Hope it helps.

Good luck!


Don't be discouraged. It's difficult to predict which photos and when they will be chosen, depending on clients' wants and needs. We can only continue to put images out there and hope they will fit in with someone's plans.I especially like your pictures of Portovere.

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