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Hi Everyone,

I am in the market for a new storage device. I have a Network Attached Storage Device that I was very happy with until it became about two thirds full, then it became unreliable. I liked the Network Attached Storage solution because it was very convenient to be able to access my photos from anywhere, as long as I had a network collection. I would take my laptop to the family room and while my husband was watching Television, I would add metadata to my images using our wireless network. It is now time to think about my next step. I am thinking of a new NAS. What Network Attached Storage Devices have you used and were you happy with your choice or not? What other set-ups have you used?

NAS Network Storage Drive

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I began doing photography in the early 1980's when I used my first tax returns to get my first camera (a Canon AE-1 with the 50 mm lens that came with it). The following year I was able to add a Canon 70-210 mm zoom and then a 28 mm lens (I only recently sold this first gear). After that I took my first photography course in college. Years later I took several more courses at a college 2/3 of the way across the country from where I grew up and near Yellowstone National Park. Following my move across country in 1988, I began taking short courses at the Yellowstone institute in Yellowstone National Park and that really sparked my interest in becoming a nature photographer. Several people advised against it saying that I could never make a living at it. unfortunately I took their advice and went into a different field, but photography is my passion and I have been doing it as a serious hobby ever since. I am glad that microstock sites like dreamstime have given me the opportunity to sell my images without having to invest in office staff. I will use any income to buy more and better gear. I really need a couple of flashes, a digital microscope, and I need a replacement for my 30D (since not all the images come out to be 3 MB that are required for upload at dreamstime), and a new camera that can make phone calls (instead of the phone that can take pictures). I want to use this experience as a way to push me to take more pictures more often and to improve my photography at a faster rate.

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May 20, 2015

Thank you Digikhmer. My NAS goes to sleep until I wake it back up. I didn't know you could put a 2 1/2" USB disk on the WIFI router.


May 18, 2015

For me, the problem of the NAS storage is that it is one all the time and any mechanical problem can happend. The time that I need to access to my picture par day is insignificant. I prefer the solution consisting of connecting my last 2"1/2 USB disk on the Wifi Router and share only the last collections. Once the disk is full, I replace it with another one and so on.