Storm and flood in Budapest

Although, some photos are still in pending status, let me introduce Budapest's weather nowadays....It's raining in every second hour, then sun is shining, then rain comes again...and in the evening, storm is coming with ice and lightning...sounds great, isn't it?

If you're interested, can find some more shots here.

Photo credits: , Aginger.

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Thank you for your comments!
Well, lightning shot is not a profession job... :) I was lucky with that. I had no tripod at that time, so wide-open lens (f/3.5) and about 1/60 shutter speed. I deleted about 100 shots for this one.


Where I live, it has also been raining almost every day - it's good for fire danger, though! :) I really like the lightning photo - lightning is so hard to photograph - how did you do it? I also like the "Rainstorm in Budapest" - because you can see the rain falling in motion!


Its winter here in New Zealand so your weather looks a lot like mine! Not good for your summer though :0)


gotta love global warming


Actually I like seeing these three photos side by side it has a nice combinations of colours :))
Cheers ;)


Same here in Bulgaria! Where's the summer?

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