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How's the weather where you live? I had a great summer until the dry weather and heat hit for 3 weeks in August and then guess what..........

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It wasn't as bad as Ivan but 13 inches in a 24 hour period is a lot for the dams to handle. The lakes south of us really needed the rain so they will get all we can give to them! Our lakes generate power and we supply the Savannah River Basin which wasn't as dry as the other side of the state but some were in need. Landscapes are hurting and businesses that depend on such things are slow. The crops had a shorter season unless they could be irrigated, however, it's still not as good as rain. Now, another storm is on the way and I hope all of you in the path will take precautions. DO NOT take your camera to the roof and try for the shot of a lifetime or your lifetime may be shot!

I'm not excited about being able to get more unique photos and we do still need more rain for the lakes and waterfalls, but if it would just spread out so as to do good with no damage is my hope. Good Luck to all in the path!

Photo credits: Susan Leggett.

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Never mind-I just saw the forecast--I know the hurricane is headed straight for the area where Richard lives!



As a matter of fact, I have to restart mine a lot! And who wouldn't want to have to buy a new computer every 2 years anyway.

Are you still on line Richard? Any trouble in your area yet?


To Macdaddy: yes, I can see, Mac is burning. Next time you should try PC with Windows. It's cool and always freezes. ;)


Seems we're never happy--some like it hot, some like it cold. I like some of both but NOT real hot and humid. I have outdoor sports in all weather and enjoy the change.


Oh, good, it's only around the lake, first I thought it's all your area covered with water. We have had some heavy rains too. Some Eastern-Estonia areas had its all summer rain within 24 hours some days ago. Here in the north is quite ok. Although it's already freezing out there, about +11°C. I hate it. Wish we had warm Italian weather. Take care!


people usually love Rome's weather but for me it's very bad, dull... expecially in summer ...winter is stupid too, silly... some sun and some rain, and no snow for years (I love snow... the last snow here was only 1 cm in jan 2003... how bad!) ... this is a stupid mild climate with hot summer and an average of moderate (if not poor) precipitations .... I'd like to live in a place similar to USA colorado towns like Aspen or Steamboat springs or similar... they have a very GOOD weather I suppose.


Richard, I was thinking about you and your family when I heard where Gustav is headed. My son said another is behind it! Last year was quiet and now , payback. I have a guest room..........

Rome is bad in the summer???? Our summers are usually okay here, that's why people from Atlanta and Florida like to have second homes in this area. But it does go through cycles and hurricanes spawn tornadoes sometimes, I have two guest rooms............

Lingong, we are going into autumn, also. Even the sounds are changing.


Nice shots!

Beijing has entered the autumn, the weather has become more and more cool ...


The weather here in Rome (Italy) is very BAD in summer : hot, no rain for weeks (this is a very dry summer... august 0 mm 0 inches of rain... july only 2 millimetres) , and the air is dirty and "heavy", expecially during some hazy nights... I HATE it... i'd like to live in Bavaria or a similar place only for the cool and stormy weather (a sunny day is beautiful... but in Rome we have even 100 continuous sunny BORING!! ...and with high daily temperatures... a real pain)


Thanks, Rebecca!


wow, amazing shots, but very sorry for the people whose homes and land has been ruined, i hope the rain will cease long enough for people to be able to get back on with life and rebuild what they need to. All the best to them all

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