The Story of an Amateur

Hi all !

I joined Dreamstime about a year ago as a complete photographic amateur. I had all my first batch of photos refused, which, I was convinced, at the time, were so good, they were going to change the world. So, after huffing and puffing, and a rather large tantrum involving a cricket bat and a rather large exotic fruit of which I can never remember the name, I decided to try my luck with Illustrations. I already had Illustrator and photoshop and a reasonable knowledge of both of them and it was using these programs that I got my first images accepted ! As many of us beginners, i'm sure I wasn't the first to jump with joy by the first accepted image. Two more shortly followed. This were my first 2 accepted images :

Dreams of making millions with your first online image, flash through your mind. And you spend the rest of the day with a rather large smile on your face. You then log on an hour later, to realise there are no sales. And two hours later, 3 hours, 4, 5... 1 day, week, month. By this time, after doing some research on stock and reading about the professional competition, I'm embarrassed to say I lost patience, and gave up.

Then, many months later, I popped on to DT for the first time in ages and I had a sale ! My purple sphere had been bought ! Now that's a good feeling. Now obviously it's not about the money, because, apart from an extra small box of smarties, there's little you can buy with 25 cents. But the feeling that someone has actually payed money for something you have created, well that's always a great feeling.

This was all the motivation I needed. During several long months, and living off my extra small box of smarties, I decided I stood more of a chance of becoming the worlds greatest stock seller through photography rather than Illustrations. And, having just discovered where my father hid his Nikon D80, I set out, determined to reach more sales, and I wasn't going to give up this time.

I made the most of my holidays in Venice and Lisbon to snap as many stock photos that I could. I wanted to experiment with different photo's and I still didn't have a picture with a model. Therefore I asked my brother to pose for me. Now, there is a fair amount of lying involved when convincing a family member to pose and then sign the release form. Especially to the questions : - Will you pay me ? - Will I be famous ? Both to which I immediately replied yes. Here are some examples :

I am now trying to make the most of the magnificent area in which I live as I have realised that often, the best photo's are right under your nose !

I am also now experimenting with Illustrations again, and something I've become very interested in is HDR images. I understand they are not always very popular among stock photographers, but I love the artistic effects they can give. The first photo of lake geneva, Switzerland, where I live, is the picture I am the most proud of.

At the moment I have 43 photo's online with only 10 sales. My short term aim is to break the 50 mark to be able to submit images for the assignments.

But basically, and this is something I think all us amateurs have to understand. This is not a quick way to make money. You have to love it. And I do ! I find it most addictive, waiting to see which photo's are accepted, which are bought, even watching the views increase of my images makes me smile. So I would suggest to all of you, who, like, me have only recently discovered Dreamstime, and have failed miserably on your first attempt, to keep on trying ! Because, for me, so far, it's well worth the ride. And with only 10 sales, i've just got started !

Photo credits: Daniel Brigginshaw.

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Nice work! I'm an amateur too )))


Not to new BUT a novice .. and not realy computer literate .... so no gimmicks in my pics ......ONLY the real thing ....... Had a few sales.


I definitely feel the same way ...

congrats on the achievement!!


Love your story, and your humour. I still get excited each time I see that I've had a sale. I think you will do very well, your images so far are impressive. Good luck & enjoy the ride :)


Congratulations!Good job and good luck! I do not have any sales yet, but I am discouraged! I hope in the future!


Don't give up and good luck with your new illustrations or pictures,sales will come!


And that is how you do it my friend...........never say never and never give up! I have sold enough on other agencies to get two payouts already but nothing going on here yet except getting images approved but I will continue to keep at it here also because its a real good agency and their site layout is fantastic too ! Happy Shooting !


Yes do like me treat it as a lesson in photography.......... our limitations are quickly apparent and at that moment you give up or decide to do better.
After 2 and half years I am often on the verge of giving up but as you observe it is addictive. Good luck. David.


Excellent blog and nice shots!


That`s great! Congratulations!


Love your photos, Daniel ~ absolutely gorgeous of Lake Geneva! ... and I especially enjoyed your humorous take in your story of being a beginner! I am just getting started thank you for sharing your thoughts...and your successes! All the best in the year to come!!!


Beautiful photos!


good job"better wok.


great pics. Keep up your good work!


Thank you for all your lovely comments ! They are well appreciated. And I wish you all many sales to come !


Nice Portfolio. As they say, 90 percent of success is persistence! Keep up the good work.


I gree with you totally.
Good luck from another amateur.


Your last paragraph... made me feel I'm normal! Thanks for sharing.


I'm an amateur also ^_^
Wishing you many more sales to come.
Best of luck for you!!


Good luck! I've been in and out for th last 5 years. But guess what..last month I sold the rights for one picture. Now I believe it's possible to get rich(kind of):)doing I will put some effort into it...


I so know this story.I also got a lot of rejections in the beginning, I gave up for a few months and then decided to give it another try after selling one picture:) Patience and perseverance are very important in this business.Good luck and I'm sure you'll sell many pictures!


Fine spirit!


Great photos, keep on shooting and uploading, sales will follow.




This is a nice blog! I had the same experience and now I am very proud I didn't gave up. Good luck!


Congrats for your uploads !


We all shared the same feeling. All the best!


Keep it up, you will do better as you upload more and more images.


Very nice portfolio! Keep up the good work! :)


Fantastic! Just what I first thought when I started (not long ago). You are so much ahead of me already and you portfolio is brilliant! Ewapix

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