The story behind an image – Abandoned ship

Abandon ship

Recently I had my 2000th sale. The image ”Abandon ship” is taken when participating in a STCW Basic Safety Training course. During the training you will learn how to act in various emergency situations onboard of a ship. Subjects being trained are: elementary first aid, personal safety and social responsibilities, personal survival techniques, fire prevention and fire fighting. The course leads to an international certificate for seagoing personnel which needs to be renewed every five years with a Basic Safety refresh course.

Person floating in survival suit holding red handflare

I have made a small collection on DT named Safety at Sea. The idea is to cover a topic that is not very well covered. If you, as an example, search the key words: ”Abandon ship”, you will find 724 results. But more than 90 percent of theese images shows Abandoned ships and a very few accurate situations showing abandon ship.

Smoke diving firefighters #1

Why all this? The reason for working on such a specialized topic is that I am a part time seaman aboard the Swedish tallship and brig Tre Kronor wich you can find in my collection Tallships, Squareriggers And Windjammers Photos.

Brig drifting at dead calm sea

I bet that many of you have some special skills, interrest or profession that needs to be better covered here on DT. In that case – dont hesitate to upload editorial images – most of my images are editorial. To make the buyers find your image – always write correct and relevant keywords.And do not forget to always bring a camera!

Cheers from Stockholm :-)

Photo credits: Per Bjorkdahl.

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June 05, 2018


Informative piece

June 05, 2018


Thank you Aurelie :-)

June 04, 2018


You have very beautiful pictures. As a person who lives near the sea and the daughter of a sailor, I like them very much.

June 03, 2018


Thanks Larry and Enrique!To Joezachs: Yes, correct and relevant key words are essential in order to sell images. There are tons of images only on DT and there are some more agencies...I am also an image buyer and personally I do refine my searches so I don't need to look at thousands of images for hours...

June 02, 2018


But more than 90 percent of these images shows Abandoned ships........ the reason for this is due to wrong key words punched in. Time and again, I keep stressing on using the right keywords, but unfortunately very few heed, and some get offended saying I am trying to find fault. They don't realise that it is for the good all the DT members.

June 01, 2018


Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Amazing images.

June 01, 2018


As a retired captain, I find your images bring back many memories and the fact that the training saves lives. Well done. And really thinking outside the box. Very good.Larry

June 01, 2018


Thank you!

June 01, 2018


Great images

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