Strange links, has this happened to anybody else?

I was investigating SEO by reading some very good articles in the blogs of the DT community, specifically this article

by Aleksandar Horvat's Blog, which I recommend highly...

I did a Google search for one of my images

To my surprise, it came up quite high on the Google page, but I didn't recognize the page.

While it is nice to see an image of mine floating around in the great morass of Google, can anybody explain, in a little more detail, what are the arrangements?

The image was credited to DT correctly. My own observation is that the site seems to use images and keywording to attract traffic to a hosting of small ads that surround the image and are related to the image.

All the ads surrounding my image were related to some type of team activity...

I am aware that it is, probably, somewhere in the fine text we don't always read but should read. All I am looking for is some education on the theme...non-conflictive, really..

Photo credits: Billdayone.


links seo

Your article must be written in English



here also ever found that kind of links also


Dreamsime has alliances with various sites. For more details read Alliances Page. This allows them to cover more territories and it's a common practice among stock agencies. You may tick the Exclude button if you don't like it, but it may reduce your exposure therefore your chances of selling.


There seems to be a few sites like this. Basically they are taking a commission from dreamstime for recommending users to dreamstime if they buy an image.

Here's another one i found with my shot in.

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