Strange sells

I dont know why but sometimes i upload some photo whit any sense, i mean a picture of some thing or place and even doubt if it will be accepted but finally happens and the most strange thing about it is the selling of this pictures before some other that i really think and planned to be selled.

example, one ocational shot selled in 50 credits

worked image suscription sale 1.98$

Plan it pic No sales yet

So, no exist anything as the perfect shot, not in terms of technique but yes in sell or client needs

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February 14, 2016


i really hate the refusal phrase... Subject of your submission is already well covered in our data base and the image does not exceed in quality, composition and technique most images already online. i mean the image stock must be almost infinite because, like we said, the customer can choose the most rare pic of our portfolios
here an example of one refused and accepted later photo [imgr]62523966[/imgr]

February 13, 2016


I agree with EVERYTHING that has been said here. Many times our photos ARE at the mercy of the mood of the reviewer. I had a photo rejected, waited a few weeks, resubmitted it and it got accepted. Same photo, did nothing different to it, but it got rejected for "distorted pixels" the first time. I went over ever single pixel and there was NOTHING "distorted". The only thing I can think is that they looked along the top of the photo only and since it was a balloon background, with a gift and birthday candles in the foreground in perfect focus, and they saw the umbrella lighting that was (of course) reflected in stretched rubber (causing it to look blurred even if the balloons were in 100% sharp focus), and the balloons were blurred since they were in the background and decided the entire photo was that way, rejected it and moved along. So I think that sometimes they just don't like it for whatever reason and they just choose a reason at random....

February 13, 2016


i think the rejects also depends of the mood of the verifier because i also re upload many pics accepted in the second or third time

February 13, 2016


I Agree, that's why I am curious why some photos are rejected. My first sale came with the photo of water that I liked but was two times declined by the Dreamstime. They did not see any commercial use of it:))[imgl]38992374[/imgl]

February 12, 2016


I think that has happened to many of us, the other day I wrote a post and was commenting exactly that, we are not able to know always what our customers need!
For that reason it would be great to have more communication between buyers and contributors. Congrats for your work!

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