Street Art of San Miguel

My previous blog was about the urban art that adorns the streets of Valparaiso on the Pacific coast of Chile. The urban art in Valparaiso is random and organic and has grown and evolved over many years. It is also intermingled with graffiti of little artistic merit.

Murals of San Miguel

Murals of San Miguel

This blog is about the giant murals that have been painted on the windowless end walls of tenement blocks in the San Miguel area of Santiago, in what was regarded as a run down part of the city. This is a deliberate attempt to rejuvenate the area and is in a very good cause. The result is a fabulous open air museum of beautiful high quality murals that can been seen by walking the streets. For those interested in seeing the murals for themselves the nearest Metro station is "Departmental" and the murals can be found on Tristan Matta, Departmental and a few on Carlos Edwards.

Murals of San Miguel

Murals of San Miguel

Murals of San Miguel

Photo credits: Jeremy Richards.
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July 05, 2014

Cool! Thank you for sharing!


July 04, 2014

Many thanks to everyone for your kind comments.


July 04, 2014

Amazing work, very very good!!!


July 03, 2014

Wow, amazing images, thanks for sharing, they are beautiful.


July 02, 2014

wonderful murals and lovely photos ! I grew up in Valparaiso, but Valparaiso INDIANA, not Chile! Thanks for sharing this awesome art