Street photography as stock photography

Like mentioned under my profile, I'm a street person by nature. The things I shoot, the subjects I have, are usually picked off from the streets where I shot.

From a small country like mine, landscapes and breathtaking sceneries hardly ever appear or come by. Sometimes taking them in a special perspective and photoshopping, perhaps that might help create abnormalities from the normal, but that is far from achievable with high success rate in my opinion.

Having no capable access to studio and having no income to afford renting one, shooting in one becomes a no no for me.

I'm left with only street photography which still remains an interest. As such, I got to see things and pick them up which I don't usually do. And sometimes what I do, my friends do not. Perhaps that is what makes every individual photographer individual.

I took this shots after a rain

it was on a parapet of a building that said something like, caution, do not lean or stand on the parapet. thank you.

It was just a simple sign, a sign that would most oftenly go unnoticed given the architecture that might appeal to most people. It just struck me that there was something that I could make out of this. And here it was. It was of blue background. As for Caution!, I changed the colour to red as red is more akin to danger and warning signs.

So, street photography is still as challenging as ever, its only whether your eyes are there to see the things that they are already are - they are waiting to be shot, literally.

Photo credits: Koh Sze Kiat.

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December 11, 2013


Good ideas. Nice done. Well, street photography for me is an neverending source of ideas but you gota have the courage to go out there and ask people to let you frame them. Thats the hardest job and I couldn;t do it. Not even a single time. I'm too embarrased. I wrote also a small article for photographers to share their experience in such cases. As for studio I'm in the same situation. No money for rent or to buy my own... So, I'm stuck as well in the same situation.

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