Strengthening Greenback mixed blessing for Australians - Dreamstime

At the moment, the US Dollar is hovering around 92 Australian cents. It reached a dizzy peak at close to 97 cents a few weeks ago, amid predictions of parity similar to the Canadian.

This is both good and bad news for Australians, depending on which side of the equation you sit. Now for a bit of history, it was not all that long ago that 1 US dollar bought almost 2 Australian dollars. The ultra strong resource and primary industries in Australia, combined with the rising financial markets saw an end to that ...

But in this blog, I will keep it at the level of those of us in microstock. A low Aussie - maybe back to our dollar being worth a mere 50 US cents, is great when you are using the cash you make from microstock photography just for income.

But if you are in the process of building up your gear, a low Aussie dollar is less useful. Because the way things have been, meant we could buy camera gear for almost the same prices as US citizens. A lowering dollar means camera gear gets very expensive once again. (NOTE: This is if you are buying online from America - Australian retailers still demand high prices)

Photo credits: Dave Bredeson, Les Cunliffe, Andrey Polichenko.

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