Stretching your creativity.

Soon after joining Dreamstime I noticed that very often concept images do well. So when the weather isn't favorable for trips into the countryside I sit and try to create an image with small props lying around the house and office.

Images related to finding employment seem to sell well and here is my latest attempt at that subject

Afterwards I look and see how others have treated this subject. Here's an alternative approach.

Using a large key [ which was about to be discarded ] I came up with an image entitled the key to fitness.

Other members take totally different approaches such as this one of a close up legs.

© Barsik

Having found the gold key one thinks of other ways of using it such as the key to happiness:

Upon checking the most successful images on DT this close up of a smile excels.

© Kurhan

The image entitled ' the key to ideas ' was a further use of the object.

The 'seeds of an idea' brought another approach to mind using bird seed bought to entice wildlife into the garden.

With the financial world in turmoil the idea of an image suggesting governments need to stop borrowing came to mind and here is my simple approach.

Examination of the Dreamstime database came up with a totally different and probably better approach .

© Moth

Finally one can study the statistics field on your Dreamstime account and I believe that if your ideas and concepts and execution are improving with time then you should see an exponential rise in sales and receipts. Here's hoping ! Good shooting ! If you find anything here useful please kindly tick the box !

Photo credits: , Galina Barskaya, David Watmough, Kiankhoon, Kurhan, Joanne Zhe.

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September 24, 2010


Great ideas! :)

September 20, 2010


Very creative, well done and good luck.

September 20, 2010


Great blog!

September 20, 2010


Very nice!!

September 19, 2010


Thanks for sharing

September 19, 2010


Nice ideas!

September 19, 2010


Nice ideas! Good luck ;)

September 19, 2010


great ideas . Thanks for sharing

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