Strolling along the coast

I like returning to the South Coast of England.The sea changes,the sky changes and it can provide great inspiration for a photographer and hopefully some fun images

A deserted colourful Dorset wetland beach

Swanage Bay Dorset, 1 June 2017, view from shore

At Swanage Dorset a narrow path stretches out to a blue horizon, an empty walkway into the sea.

Bright moss covered rocks ata view across Swanage shore

Photo credits: Kenn Sharp.
  • Kennsharp53
  • East Grinstead, United Kingdom
I like taking photographs in the countryside and at some of the great coastal scenes in south England. I try to get colour into my images and if possible a point of interest (maybe a person at the end of a pier) and think about composition. Sometimes I think it works.

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July 28, 2017

Great photos!