Stuck in Emergency

With 5 images to my name and having been on DT for only 10 days I was not expecting a sale so soon. But still I logged on every hour just to check.

So imagine my shock and joy today at lunch time when I found I had my first sale. $1.83 profit. WOW!

And what was the image? A light feature I snapped while the family was out enjoying lunch at a sushi restaurant.

© OnAir2

Apart from the utter joy, other emotions suddenly overtook me.

Like the mother who'd adopted her infant out at birth - where was my baby now? Who had it? Were they unfairly treating or cropping it? Forever these will be unanswered questions.

And then another emotion. While taking my son to the emergency department of our local hospital for severe abdomen pain - WOW! Look at all the potential images. "Buddy you wouldn't mind while you're laying there with that really pained look on your face if I took a few pictures of you. After all, I already have a signed talent release form from you and you know just getting into the door of this hospital cost $182 so if we can get $1.83 back...."

Who knows what emotions the next day of DT will bring.

Photo credits: OnAir2.

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July 29, 2009


congrats.And many more sales will come.keep uploading.I know my family get so tired of me taking my camera EVERYWHERE

July 29, 2009


congrats, very true that every opportunity can be a chance for a stock photo! Good luck on here!

July 29, 2009


A sale already -- fabulous! Wishing you many more sales and no more trips to the emergency room!

July 29, 2009


Nice! That is DT my friend full of suprises. Good luck and don't forget to upload. Cheers ;)

July 29, 2009


Congrats - nice to get some positive results so quickly. Great shot!

July 29, 2009


Congrats many more to come your way.

July 29, 2009


Yep, you'll begin to irritate people with your camera now, you've been bitten by the "gotta capture everything" bug :-))) That's a great pattern!

July 29, 2009


Congrats for your first sale! You'll never forget that moment!

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