Studio flash kits under $300 - AMAZING!

Great deal for DREAMSTIME photographers.

I promised a review of a set of amazing studio light kits which are being made available to stock photographers direct from the factory. I have finished an initial review, and you can CLICK HERE to read that review.

Boling are a quality manufacturer of studio lights in China. I have now tested these lights in a session with over 300 shots taken. They performed amazingly well and the colour stayed perfect all throughout the session.

Even if you do not want the mini kit I tested, a quick trip to their website reveals the amazing solutions they have on offer.

Gino is the overseas sales representative and is appointed to work with stockies from all over the world. He has a spreadsheet with the special prices for you. Email him at:


© wabeno

Photo credits: Emin Ozkan, Wabeno.

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September 08, 2008


I am very sorry for taking so long. Work is hectic. I just want to add that the low voltage countries such as USA are not catered for by Boling.

September 07, 2008


When will the full review be available?

August 21, 2008


yes the freight was more expensive than my kit as well.

August 20, 2008


Thank you for the info :D
I placed an order and I should have my kit next week (if Western Union will transfer the money in short time).
Just for fun... The kit itself is cheaper then it's shipping (to Czech Republic). But still, the kit including shipping is cheaper then just one similar flash unit in "stone" store in Czech!

August 09, 2008


WOW that is a good deal! so you get 3 lights, 3 softboxes and the backdrop for $265? I'm going to email them and see about delivery costs. Thanks for the link

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