Studio lighting.

I have a home studio, it is set up in my garage, I have gradually built up my gear.

I started off using my camera flash on a remote trigger mounted on my tripod, a secondary flash set on "slave". To give differing lighting set ups.

My full time job as an engineer meant I could make mounting brackets to hold umbrellas, as well as supports to hold backdrops. These were 96" wide (double width bolt) lengths of black fabric from a local shop.

I also aquired the end of a roll of 2.5m white clay-coated white paper, this makes an excellent infinity backdrop.

I upgraded my flash to some 300 w/s studio flash units but these proved to be unreliable and were replaced with Lastolite lumen8 400 w/s lights, these have been an excellent investment.

By moving the lights, up or down, angling them to bounce, off black or white surfaces, using soft-boxes, shoot through or bounce-back umbrellas, varying the power of the light, using reflectors or go-betweens the lighting possibilties are infinite.

Using a few props, a desk and chair to represent an office ,or a simple sign yet more options !

The end door of the garage has been sprayed with "graffiti" to give an "urban" look for shoots.

It need not cost a fortune, just a little imagination and ingenuity.


Photo credits: David Goddard.

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September 15, 2011


Thank you for your kind comments ! I have a busy couple of weeks ahead with more photoshoots, hopefully some will saleable on dreamstime !

September 15, 2011


Nice job! I would like to do the same but I lack of space...

September 14, 2011


well done, this post will remember to all of us that great images doesn't come from expensive studios ever!

September 14, 2011


great blog....

September 14, 2011



September 14, 2011


Nice images Davide, congratulations!

September 13, 2011


Very inventive !

September 13, 2011


Very good photos David!!! Congrats!

September 13, 2011


great blog thanks.I got a back drop kit and the material is always wrinkled.LOL I will have to try paper.

September 13, 2011


Your images look great, good lighting.

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