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In my previous blog, when I wrote that start my studio life, somebody asked me to write blog about my studio set up. I really don't know what heshe wants to hear and want to write, but I'll try.

First of all I can say that it's not as difficult as sonebody think and not as easy as others believe. It's not difficult and not easy. OK, Lets now speak about studio work.

The first thing is lightning set up. If you can't set up light, you won't get any picture. There are a lot of different light schemes on net, some of them a given with examples of images you'll get. You can sit, study and imagine composition and your final photo. Another known way of studying light schemes is copying images you like. Just take picture you like (you can find them everywhere: on net, any magazine etc.), carefully watch at it (first of all watch at eyes, there you can find flash and reflector reflections; the second thing is shadows, they also can say a lot; and the third one is hair, usually I use them to identify back lighting)

Now about flashes power. Some information you can also find in numerous articles about studio light schemes. About key light, fill light and backlight and ratio between them. What about power in general? I mean to make your image correctly exposured, not overexosured or under exposured. I can't say set ups good for everyone in every case. I change the settings rather often during long photoshoot. It depends on aperture value and light you use (soft, hard) and also result you want to get (usual picture, high-key, low-key). Exposure can be controlled by screen on your camera. But I prefer using flashmetr (there was one in studio I rent)

Another one tip is not to use AUTO white balance, better to set colour temprature.

And finally the most difficult thing - communication with model. Somebody can ask me why? Maybe it's not difficult if you shooy your good friend, girlfriend or husband and so on. But imagine you shoot somebody you see first time. For many of us it won't be easy to make our model feel herself himself as a friend in 15 minutes or half an hour. And it's a problem, much more bigger problem the light set up. If model do not trust you, she won't show you her emotions. But people's EMOTIONS is the MAIN thing, it's boring to watch photos without emotions. Just compare

Don't forget to make something new for yourself all the time. Search for new backgrounds, do not use onle standart paper backgrounds, search for new lighting schemes (I do not request you to reinvent the wheel, something new for you), new poses for model, "break" the model!!! Good luck in studio!)

Here some great images of other photographers

I trust this blond girl, her smile is natural

the same thing with businessman

and so on

It's very difficult to make model not pose, but live for the camera. It was a real problem with girls who have some shooting expirience and who have studied in model school. I don't know situation with this in place where you live and shoot, but I had this problem several times during last month

Photo credits: Darren Baker, Dmitry Tsvetkov, Syda Productions, Yuri_arcurs.

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December 13, 2010


Great blog.

December 08, 2010


A useful article!

December 06, 2010


Great blog and shots!!

November 24, 2010


Nice images!

November 23, 2010


It is great!!!

November 23, 2010


Great shots!!

November 23, 2010


very nice

November 23, 2010


David, I'm glad to hear it)
thanks to everyone

November 23, 2010


Really interesting, I love photagraphy world. And great shoots!

November 23, 2010


You've done just what I asked and hoped you would. Many thanks its a great post. David.

November 23, 2010


Great photos!

November 23, 2010


Very good words: "to make model not pose, but live for the camera". It's very important to communicate with the model. This is the importance of a entire team and one of the things that makes the difference between amateurs and professional photographers.

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