I just realized I had my 4th anniversary with Dreamstime this week. I am stunned it has been four years. I remember wondering how I would ever have enough images to be exclusive, and now I am working towards 1000.

I wish I had great words of wisdom to share, but have nothing new to say that hasn't been said before. For me, consistency has always been my motto. Consistently taking images and uploading. Consistently taking on-line classes and reading books, and learning new things. Consistently keeping up with the forums. etc., etc. I don't let the slow times get me down. I just consistently do what I need to do.

Thank you to everyone who has helped in some way—community members, Dreamstime team members, buyers. You are all amazing.

And after 4 years, I have to admit, I still feel like I have won the lottery every time I see my revenue and sales numbers go up.

Photo credits: Adeliepenguin.

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Thank you Fineartfoto! How very nice of you:) I look forward to celebrating your 100 images milestone.


Very inspiring and beautiful work Adelie. I'm still working on getting my first 100 images up and appreciate your words of wisdom and success story!


yes definitely adelie. And hence i am now following your blog. :)


Thank you Kumar2013. I really appreciate your kind words. It makes my day to think I was able to help you at all.


i am really loving to read your blog posts. Just refreshing encouraging and simple. I am not a pro photographer but a newbie and also wondering how to reach 50 images to become exclusive. And probably patience and consistency like yours will prove fruitful without losing any bit of enjoyment of taking a photograph :) please keep sharing your thoughts and posting your blogs. :)


Thank you Lenutaidi. Your kind words are much appreciated.


Very beautiful portofolio!Great work!Congratulations!!


Thanks, Maen! You have always been my best supporter:) And I will never forget that you were the one to buy one of my images, so that I would have my first level 2!!


Your port is simply great! Congratulations for your milestone!
Keep up the good work! :-)


You all make me blush. Thank you for your good wishes and nice words.


Congratulations, you're doing great.


Very beautiful, colorful and racy photos


Happy anniversary!!! you have great images!!


Congratulations young lady, you have a superb portfolio, keep up the good work, and the travelling.


I think more like a twin sister:) I will ask my mother if there is something she is not telling me:):) I too love following your portfolio--and am secretly jealous of the places you have been and I have yet to visit! Thank you for all the nice things you have said. And I too wish for you good things in the coming years!


You're like my twin brother here. :)
We've been following each other for more than 3 years now and we are growing very similarly here in both number of uploads and sales.
It's great to see your success and I love following your versatile portfolio.
Have another great 4 years (and me following alongside)!


My very great pleasure, though beautiful work you've got, great portfolio!

Yes, you right it definitely do help a lot; to get feedback/post/content sharing to different issues from people who have been there for a while, make things a little bit easier somehow to know where that lead.., An I'm thankful for that

Cheers :)


Thank you all. And I am happy to hear you like my website Alexstork:)


Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, the proof of having been consistent and having used time wisely!! Very nice website too!!


Thanks for that. You are a great example to follow. All the best.


Thank you for your kind words, Jfanchin. I do want to be encouraging, yet realistic, for the newer members of the Dreamstime community. I feel the stories of those who have been here awhile can be helpful.


This is inspiring and encouraging
And once again hard works, patience, pays off and i am really happy for you friend :)

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