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Good day fellow photographers…

On submission of my first Blog "HOORAY 100 Images selected, but no sales :0(" I have received many kind responses and many thought provoking ones as well, thanks again to all. But now onto one of those thoughts, in my last response I mentioned that I would like to use the assignments as a means to challenge my photography, diversity and build a portfolio outside of my usual wildlife submissions. This got me to thinking, and if DT management/editors are in agreement, why don’t the submitters to DT, by means of open blog articles come up with ideas/themes for additional challenges to other photographers that read the blogs? By this I mean the same theoretically as the assignment submissions to the DT assignments, but in open submissions to normal RF uploads...Photographers can post their ID in the blog and after a month the images with most downloads/views is the winner. No prizes, the chance to challenge oneself with the ideas of other submitters and ultimately, no harm done as it will boost portfolios, exposure to DT and maybe ultimately for all, SALES!!!

DT Management, your comments please, is this suggestion out of line? The name as a means to reference/control to where submitters would respond with ID etc, to could be Submitters Comptition_followed by name of theme i.e. Submitters Competition_Architecture, these submissions can then be added to a collection once the submissions have begun?

Photo credits: Fultonsphoto.

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December 30, 2008


Hey Patrick, it has not really taken off with the other submitters as you can see from the lack of responses. I still think it is a good idea and will think of the best way to go about implementing the challenge to other users in a way that will make them want to take up the challenge. Will keep you posted once I have more information. Thanks for the other suggestion to read RAW thread, I am still busy going through the messages.

December 30, 2008



Just wondering if this has been taken up? If so what is the thread called …
Searched for "Submitters Competition" with no results …

I think it is a marvelous idea! and would certainly like to contribute to it if it gets off the ground.

Anyone with more info on this pls feel free to contact me …

November 24, 2008


You can have something like this provided it is not a contest per se nor is it called contest/competition to avoid possible future conflicts. We will not review the images with priority once you establish your topic. The ones who have downloads are the winners.

November 23, 2008


sounds great, lets see DT response