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I thought that it would be much better to divide the submission process. In the first stage you have to submit just the photo without keywording with a small description. The editor will check if photo is acceptable based on the technical qualities. On the next step you keyword and geo-tag and everything else and another editor helps you with that.

My feeling that this will make submission less time consuming for editors and for photographers.

Because it really is SAD when you spend like few hours to geo tag and keyword photos just to get a review that your photos are not technically sound or interesting or (enter your alternative here)

Time is money. I think my idea can help both in terms of money and time!

What do you think?

Photo credits: Saniphoto.

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It sounds great, it is a good idea that DT could easily use.


I know this activity it's time consuming and it became frustrating when the image it's rejected, but I think Gmargittai is adopting the best strategy


Keymasters program is different) And who knows when these mysterious keymasters will finish their work.. I never tried it. I think I should)

Well, maybe you are right and I should think more about was is suitable as a stock photo. For now I am not that good in it so I spend a lot of time keywording/

But anyway. I think that this two stage process will improve both keywords and pictures.


They have such a system - you just have to pay for it. You can submit with no keywords using the keymasters program. If accepted you pay the small fee and they keyword it for you...


Agencies check keywords (or are meant to anyway), so it's not in their interest to go through a two-step process; that would be far too time consuming for them. Moreover thinking yourself as a contributor about keywords is a very important part of the process. Sometimes I've struggled with finding keywords and it was because my photo did not have a clear concept - therefore wasn't really good for stock photography. You can also use tools such as auto population when you submit shots with a similar concept. It an save you a lot of time but has to be used with caution. As you get more experienced, key wording becomes easier.


You are right, but it would complicate the process for DT I believe. Here is what I'm doing: I divide my work. When I submit a file I am not geotagging it and I put only the minimum 10-12 keywords. If accepted there is plenty of time to improve the keywords. You can edit the keywords any time. Now I do not know if this is impacting the acceptance itself. Maybe it does. But I don't think so.


Yes, it is time consuming, but after some time you will find the way how to do it faster, more efficient. And choose the right pictures. From my point of view I prefer to learn about photography, to learn what is quality picture ( from the technical and business point of view ), what is right processing... Then your AR is going up...


Well, I decided to be an exclusive photographer with Dreamstime as I really do not have time to uppload on few different microstock agencies...


I agree with Llareggub


I guess it could work, but you can streamline your workflow and optimise your time spent by coding images prior to uploading which obviously saves a great deal of time if you submit to multiple Stock Agencies.

I submit to 8 sites and I can not remember the last time that I had a photograph that was rejected by all sites so it makes much more sense for me to code prior to uploading rather than on each individual site.

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