subscriptions and average image sale price


June 2007 7 $0.90

July 2007 16 $0.93

August 2007 7 $0.86

September 2007 13 $0.87

October 2007 8 $0.96

November 2007 21 $0.86

December 2007 7 $0.75

January 2008 14 $1.12

February 2008 20 $0.82

March 2008 32 $1.08

April 2008 24 $1.13

May 2008 19 $0.79

June 2008 9 $0.81

Here's one year on DT I hope those subscription sales aren't coming back to stay because I really didn't miss them.

It was so nice to have images sell for 1.50 and more.

Sales have slowed to a trickle one or two a day. I have a small port so sometimes I'm surprised they find my images, 203 so far among 3 million. Real Italy images and vineyards are good for me.

wine and vineyards

What about you whats your first year average been?

Photo credits: Bigpressphoto.

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June 17, 2008


thanks david i like your autumn leaves shot

June 17, 2008


You have a good, steady trickle of sales, which is exactly what you need. Before you know it, it'll have added up to a nice piggybank. Good luck.

June 13, 2008


Well I've been here only six months, and my portfolio is smaller than yours and you've sold a LOT more. But here are my statistics:
January 2008 1 $0.60
February 2008 1 $0.60
March 2008 3 $1.12
April 2008 8 $1.40
May 2008 9 $0.80
June 2008 5 $1.39

I feel good about these numbers and hope that they get even better! Your experience gives me hope that that will be forthcoming. Thanks Donna!

June 12, 2008


Thanks mailthepic for the encouragement. Your port is really good and always growing.

June 11, 2008


To me things are pretty smooth from the very first month I join. Every new uploads bring in more sales each month, this proof the more you upload the better you are. I found those subscriptions sales very useful. Editors who use this program they have to buy picture every day. Therefore they will keep looking for useful pictures to upload everyday, this eventually make them cover more detail than other.
In short I would say, when they found your picture useful they will not stop there. They will dig into your folio and run a full search on it. They have friends and other, this kind of expose are what we need.
I have at less a minimum of 10% of subscription sales everyday (0.30 or 0.36 cent). but I still love it in some way (Ha..Ha..).

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