Success in Balance

How many hats do you wear? Myself, I wear many. I am a wife, a sister, a student, a teacher, a friend. Somedays I leave home at 8:00 am and don't return until 11:00 pm. There are seminars, classes, workshops, and teaching presentations, at times my life is so full of commitments that I wonder if there will be any down time just for me.

In a seminar I attended recently, the speaker talked about the importance of balance in our lives. We feel the tug and pull of work, family, school, and the many commitments we attend to in our daily lives. But, do you make time for you? To give yourself permission to spend an hour a day doing something you enjoy, just for you.

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For me, photography is me time. I wake up at 5:30am looking forward to spending time reading DT blogs, learning from DT's Message boards. I enjoy and look forward to this early morning hour. For this hour the house is quiet, there are no demands or requests. This is me time.

Photo credits: Rocio Veltman, Nikolay Mamluke.

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Are you saying the hammers that appear on "Pink Floyd's The Wall - Comfortably Numb" video? The one where the child is walking? I had to look at the video and I can see the resemblance.


The Hummers that walk in the video clip of the WALL (Pink Floyd)!
Maybe it's my imagination :))


Sorry Maen, not sure of the video your talking about. Any hints?


What is time and where can you buy it :0)


My kids are very light sleepers, so I could never get peace in the mornings for anything. I work on my photography during the day while they are at school. :0)


I sleep little to have the time that I need, but the day after I fall like dead!
But I enjoy doing what I need! I hope I won't pay it hard of sleeping little!

BTW: That image of the nails reminds me of the best video clip ever made!
Do I have to say the name!?!!!


This is so true! Me time is very important. I get up at ~ 5:00 am to have about 30 min. to myself.

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