Success and failure

After another two days, no one approval. If I am concerned about, there will be a very bad mood. In fact I need is a careful analysis of the reasons, calm face of failure, detached look at a game.

Photo credits: Jianbinglee.

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You have some good collection.
Don't loose heart, keep shooting and uplaoding. Every rejection teaches us something. It improves the quality of the one we shoot next. Also repetative pictures can get rejected. So go in for variety. I have only 4 uploaded, but all four are from different category.


you have to have some patience. it is quite a slow process building your portfolio. just be patient and success will eventually come. :)


Thank you all for replies and encouragement!
In particular, Cafebeanzphoto and Linqong, special thanks to you.
With your encouragement and support, I will continue to persist in the DT. Sure!


Your images are great, dont worry about the rejected images. I've been uploading constantly with approvals and rejections going hand in hand. If you have the opportunity, reshoot the image, if not, move on to a new sublect. You are right on track to be very succesful in this venture.


Don´t worry about it.
Do not lose heart,continue to upload more images!


I agree! Don´t worry too much about it. Have patience, learn from rejections and keep uploading. :)


You have a great portfolio! Don`t worry they will accept your photos soon! Just have patience!

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