Sudio safety

Sooo it starts with an idea that in my mind might make an interesting photo.

The concept of cash being hard to get.

Or the risk involved in dealing with money.

But there is also risk involved when trying to work with a live loaded trap and then sticking your fingers in it to put some cash on the trigger. "ouch" Actually what I said when it went off was a little more dramatic but you get the idea.

So what I did after that was to put a block of wood on the trap so if it went off again it would not hit my already tender fingers.

Then when I thought it looked good I removed the block and took the shot.

Thank God I didn't use a bear trap :-)

Photo credits: Dave Willman.

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Nice concept, congrats.


Yikes!! What we photographers go through sometimes to get the perfect shot! :) Ouch!


:) funny story! Thanks God you found a way not to hurt your fingers again :)


Very nice shot. Hope it was worth the pain.

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