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I have the opportunity to live in a vast country that stretches from the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans and my work will on occasion have me travel from one side to the other.

A fellow worker also an avid photographer knew that I was heading to the province of Alberta in the area of Calgary and assumed that I would be going to the Banff National Park amongst the Canadian rocky mountain range, having been there in the past I knew that the province had more to offer and therefore decided to look and see where I could go to take pictures on my downtime.

After spending sometime on-line looking at the tourism brochures I found that there was in a specific area of the province a badland area where I could find rock formation also known as Hoodoo like in Utha in the United States, and that in the same area they had also been some dinosaur digs and that a museum of palaeontology could also be found.

When I returned to the office a few weeks later, I approached the co-worker and told him that I had a few picture that I wanted to show him from my last trip out West. As he was expecting to see pictures of the Rockies, he was surprised to see what I had captured, but I told him that the pictures that I took could not translate correctly what my eyes had seen, the colours were much more vibrant in real life and that I was slightly disappointed that I was not able to to get them to represent what I had seen. He told me that it was funny that I had taken these pictures as he was reading a book from Dan Margulis Photoshop LAB Color The Canyon Conundrum and Other Adventures in the Most Powerful Colorspace.

In this book we get shown the use of the image mode LAB that allows to be able to make contrast correction that allows the colours to be more vibrant. After just reading the first chapter I was amazed that this little trick actually made my pictures look like what I had seen that day. I strongly recommend that read for beginners and adept of Photoshop as it did had a few new tools to my toolbox and I hope it can make you pictures as stunning as mine.

I would like to thank my co-worker for sharing this information with me and I pass this along to you with a little wisdom to add "listen to the people around you and offer your help, as when you least expect it will be return onto you" Happy shooting

Photo credits: Martial Genest.

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August 02, 2014


Dreamstime Photographer Martial Genest,

I wanted to let you know I used your photo (Hot Air Balloons) in my new children’s book ‘Look Up’ recently out on Amazon. I thank you for your contribution to the book. I purchased the royalty-free photo through a subscription with Dreamstime. I wanted to send each photographer a copy of the book displaying their work but unfortunately with 71 photos used it is financially impossible for me to do so at this time. But I do not want your work to go unrecognized so I hope the book will bring people to Dreamstime to see the wonderful photos available there.

You can see more about ‘Look Up’ on my webpage

I hope it means as much to you as it does to me seeing your photo in the book and that you or someone you know will enjoy it!

Kim Thomas
Woodstock, Virginia
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May 07, 2014


Great tip - I will read it. Thanks!

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