Suggesting Keywords

Want to earn extra cash? Try suggesting keywords for existing photos on Dreamstime. But wait, the pay out is $0.02 per accepted image suggestions!! Not much of an incentive.

But there are other reasons that may make it worthwhile.

1. It is a positive way to spend time while waiting for your submissions to upload.

2. It gives an opportunity to learn new keywords for your own submissions.

3. It can help non-English speaking photographers get more views and possibly more sales.

4. It can give a sense of "belonging" to the Dreamstime community.

5. It can help get more views to your own portfolio if the subject and keywords are similar.

Since I have a limited subject in my portfolio, I often browse the "competition" and have become able to recognize contributors' name who often submit similar pictures. I look for those with many sales and read their keywords in hopes that I may find the ones that could make an impact on my submissions.

In doing so, I occasionally click on a photo with very few keywords. Since I am familiar with the subject, I can quickly suggest some.

I do not make a huge effort to keyword lots of photos, but find it a pleasant way to help someone who may be new or struggles with English. If I had to keyword in another language, I'd be lucky to have any words at all!!

Anyway, those two cents can add up.

Photo credits: Dbajurin.

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October 23, 2008


You can find out if your suggestions were accepted under the management area. Click on Financial Activity, then Earnings from Keywording. It seems to take a bit of time before it shows up, if accepted.

July 24, 2008


The link is under the photo you want to add keywords to.

July 23, 2008


Okay. I must be having a memory lapse. I did some keyword suggestions a few days ago and thought about doing it again today, but now I can't remember where to find the link.

April 11, 2008


I find it an enjoyable hobby as well, for the reasons you suggest. Like you I do this just for photographs that feature a subject I know well (like, South Padre Island!). Never actually kept track to find out if I was awarded the 2 cents though...

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