Suggestion to DT and Dreamstimers

Dreamstime is my first microstock agency and I do love the interface and algorithm, if I need to pick one microstock site to support, it probably is DT. That's why I have suggestions to DT.

The suggestion is, let's meet, Dreamtime please meet your dreamstimer, let's have some activities, that will make us more a community, if we can see an expert in DT to meet us, say, an lesson to teach us how to do well in DT, that will be a fantastic new year gift to us, and that will be defenitely do good to DT's local profile.

Any successful photographers, if you are interested in meeting us here in Beijing, China, I can be of help to publish the message in my blog:

Let's meet, cheers!

Photo credits: Williamju.

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February 04, 2011



February 03, 2011


That sounds great, but for me so far away and expensive, perhaps the next year! LOL :D

February 03, 2011


Can you provide accomodation?

February 03, 2011


That`s great, but it`s far from where I live and I think I can`t make it! :) Still I`m waiting for news from there!
Good luck!

February 03, 2011


A conference somewhere in the world would be nice but very difficult and expensive. Also lots of people will not be able to make it. But we are, I mean us the DT all together :) an internet based firm.

Why not have a webinar?

This is what large corporations do when they want the whole staff to listen in.

February 02, 2011


Sounds good... Although way too far for many of us... Let us know what happens.

February 02, 2011


I also think that it would be interesting if DT would have a direct and personal contact with the contributors on the DT Web Page,
it would make us even more a big family and could be of benefit for the better going of our mutual interests:
which are actually the same oneĀ“s, if DT does well we also do well and vice versa as we depend on each other..

February 02, 2011


wow, a Dreamstime convention in China, that would be awesome!
I would also love to have one in Rumania, as I have always wanted to visit that country since I met some very nice people from there and Poland via some web photo community some time ago, before I started in microstock.
Maybe one in 2012? after I make enough money to take a vacation , again ? ;)

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