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Hi All,

I had joined DT around 2 years back. Initially I had higher rejection rate and uploaded photos with a long intervals. Since last 9 months I'm concentrating on stock photography and learning new things by visiting portfolios of other photographers and reading blogs regularly. I realized that taking good photos is not enough. First of all it requires a commercial appeal as well as creativity. Human pictures with a clear message are more popular especially official photographs. For commercial appeal, I felt that we should go with the theme and collection. When somebody download a photo, he might be interested in some other photos from the same collection. This is one aspect and definitely there are many more ways to get the commercialization.

Now, my concern is creativity. How could we add creativity in my existing photos. I have seen, many photographers combine multiple photos in one and create a wonderful theme, i.e. humans are climbing the graphs etc. I am seeking for the suggestions to make more creative my existing portfolio. I request the professional photographers at DT, please look at my portfolio and give your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Photo credits: Neerajarora.

Your article must be written in English

June 14, 2010


Thanks trottola, Jdanne.

June 14, 2010


You have a nice portfolio!

June 14, 2010


I think creatiity is the best way to get success in microstock. Nice blog ;)

June 14, 2010


Thanks debbie. I'll try it.

June 14, 2010


I think you have a great creative eye.I see you have a small child photo.I would use her more if possible In different situations,on computer,playing ball,reading,different moods.ect...Also more photos of the man.Very nice start.Keep shooting.and good luck JMO

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