Summer is all around!

It is fantastic warm and sunny!

Most of you have a summer break traveling here and there. Europe, United States, Nordic countries there is so many great places to see. Great for you! I have to stay at work and keep thinking about physics. Physics is great, fascinating and sometimes even surprising, but now I would prefer summer break (how strange am I?).

How great would it be to walk the Baltic beach, or have (again and again never enough of it) a little bite of an Italian bruschetta.

Hmmm... I can dream about freedom, wind in my hairs, sun burning the skin, climbing high mountains, seeing beautiful sunsets in Turkey, or looking at amaizing Italian architecture.

Have a lot of fun during holidays!

It is summer fantastic warm and sunny!

Photo credits: Kasienka.

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August 12, 2009


Beautiful images!

August 08, 2009


Have a lot of sun! ;-)

August 07, 2009


Beautiful images! Have a fun and wonderful summer!

August 07, 2009


...and then....the italian bruschetta:



August 07, 2009


lovely blog :) beautiful images


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