summer is inspiration

Well..all you guys know that summer just began and all you know that all seasons of the year are great and unique and you can take alot of good photos in any period of weather and time...but summer seems to me like a special inspiration to go somewhere, even far away from home and take photos:) The weather is great even if it rains and everytime in summer my soul always has a newborn..

i dont know why but only in summer i can feel it:) Here's some shoots of me that i have taken not so far away:

And it just began and i'm so excited about it. Because i can spend more time in the country and relaxing and of course taking pictures)

Hope you all doing well to:)

Have a great summer!

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Ohhh and of course this evenings near the fire))

Your article must be written in English

June 02, 2009


LOL Littledesire that was smart try, but NO they make part of every Summer :))

June 02, 2009


I can't agree more , my souls wakes up in the summer.

June 02, 2009


I also love summer! Have a great time and take great photos :)

Mani, when you say "part", do you mean you made #10 of Ioana's advices ? :)))

June 02, 2009


Thanks, nice summer back to you!
But my friend you should shoot the best part of summer LOL
The part that I mostly love, you know what is it :))


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Photo credits: , Andreygorlov, Ina Kozmina.