Summer Slacking

OH. MY. GOODNESS. It's so blessed hot in Illinois!!!

Sooo..... Guess who's been slacking on their stock photography?? This girl. Unfortunately.

Yeah... I could be doing indoor photos and spend time concentrating on being all creative and stuff but isn't this more fun than taking photos of still life???

Photo credits: Bri Williamson.

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Thanks, Debra! We were at 102 degrees at 11 a.m. this morning, ugh! But we're supposed to get a cool front come through tonight, should cool us off to a chilly 90 degrees for tomorrow lol! So if it's not in the pool or an indoor shoot I haven't been doing too much picture-wise, except over the weekend I had a few outdoor shoots which was insane and everyone was wilted and melted by the end of the day lol!


Bri, I hope it cools down for you there too, its hot here but nothing like you and the midwest have been going through, take care


Thank you, Kristo! :)

Debra- funny you mention that, it's actually on my bucket list! I'd love to be able to do that, especially while on vacation!


Great photo...


bri, maybe you could try underwater photography, you could stay cool and get shots :)


Thanks! I've seen so many baby photos in the past week it's crazy lol! Got some good ones though so hopefully I can get them cleaned up and submitted soon! :)


Am anxious to see your baby pics....


Thank you, Laura!! :)


It´s the best thing to do! Great photo! =)


Thank you so much, Franscesco!!!! :)
I'm proud of this as a mother because last year she was afraid to even get wet. Now she's diving! :)


Great photo Bri!!!


Thanks, Mariaam!! I love doing water photos, I think it's challenging and fun when you get them up on the screen to edit them and you can see each water drop. It's just interesting to me for some reason. :)

David! HAHAHAHA!!! I do have a baby photoshoot coming up but luckily it's inside and air-conditioned. This Sunday though is a different story, I'm hoping the family I'm shooting for doesn't look too melted or waxy by the time we get going on their photos because it's an outdoor one. And this heat isn't supposed to break until next week. The high today without the heat index is 100. Again. lol I think I'll just hit the pool again and save my energy hahaha! :)


Yeah! It´s the best thing to do! Really great photo!


Sorry to hear you are missing out on being stuck in a hot, stuffy, airless studio, I hope you manage to enjoy the hardships of the sunny weather and having to lounge by the pool :o)


Halient, that's pretty much what I did with this photo. Very unplanned but I ended up with some neat photos of my daughter like this one. She had just learned how to go underwater. So I ended up with an accepted submission and captured yet another of her "firsts" :)


Just take your camera with you whether you plan to shoot our not, worse case you don't get anything


You're right.... In my case next week I will be heading to Puerto Vallarta.


I love summertime, and I love Illinois summers but good grief it was so much more fun when I was a kid! lol!


I'm hopeful mother nature is getting it out of her system... looks like we'll be headed over there for a few years starting this winter.


You lucky bastard ;)

In the Netherlands you can get wet without swimming. The umbrella industry is on its top. Nice weather to do some PP with CS5 just to prepare some uploads

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