Summer Time Milestone

There is more that three months that I started to upload pictures on DT, here are the milestones :

- Duration : 4 months

- Number of pictures : 265 pictures online

- Sales : 69 sales

- Revenue : a little bit more that 220 dollars including the assignment price

- Feelings : still a lot of frustrations and questions regarding the reason of the rejection, full of satisfaction for each approval

- Skill : Photoshop is more and more friendly with me :) and started to consider to get a graphic tablet

Summer is around the corner but I did not seen it yet as the weather has been awful this year ... rain none stop over The Hague.

Most of my uploads was dogged from the galleries of my holidays pictures. And now the serious thing begins ... to find matter to photography in this small and international city which is The Hague. For whom who do never pass by any city in Netherlands ... except restaurants/food related all shops without exception are closed at 6PM. Walking in the street looks like walking in the no man's land. Adding this ambiance with rain ... doesn't encourage you to go out to capture any picture.

For all this reason, I am getting a little rest waiting for a real summer to come.

Photo credits: Digikhmer.

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August 02, 2011


I know your feelings and frustrations, but on my end, it is the relentless heat and glare found here in Saudi Arabia. I'm going to concentrate the rest of the summer on things that can easily be photographed indoors-- there are loads of things you can do. Set up some holiday shots-- Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Ask your friends to model for you. You just need a little creative spark! Enjpy your rest and I hope you are ready to shoot again. Best wishes!

August 02, 2011


I know those feelings all too well. David.

August 01, 2011


Remember that rain has it's own market as well :)

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