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Well, Dreamstime gave me my first chance at doing stock photography. I have done so much reading about photography that when I look back on it, I wonder where I find the time to shoot! Between reading on the subjects of technique, technical information (how my camera or lights work), photography history (my favorite photographer being Lewis Hine and Edward Steichen is a close second), camera industry, and the business of photography, I have always found time to read the info here on DT.

Why? Where does it fit in? Well, if you will indulge me for just one moment, I will get to that.

But, first, let me say thank you. Thank you to all of you who indulged me as I fumbled around in the dark and encouraged me to keep working at it. Your belief in me and seeing through the rookie, novice, or 'snapshot' mistakes I was making to what I COULD be made all the difference.

Now, on to why the forums HERE are so important. (In my humble opinion) There are many MS RF Stock sites out there and they all have different business plans, but this site seems to continue to have cutting edge information about the industry. They are constantly upgrading and keeping ahead of their competitors and coming up with ways to improve the site and get more exposure.

The thing that surprises me beyond measure, is the ease at which this site functions internationally. The many obstacles in culture, language, money exchange, time differences, and many more are tackled daily here on DT and they don't even bat an eye. Of course, as great as the DT staff is, you have to give SOME credit to the artists, who are complimentary, compassionate, and patient (very unlike artists...just kidding), when things DON'T go so smoothly (which isn't very often...but, hey we're all human, right?).

I have made some awesome friends, and I have to tell all of you that I KNOW that it is because of your prayers for me and my unit that we have remained relatively safe (life is not exactly a summer camp over here) and will continue to be safe. Thank you for your support.

Photo credits: Gnet2000, Studio Grand Web, Eric Simard, Dimitry Romanchuck, Alex Bramwell.

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August 06, 2007


have to agree with you jay on many levels. love the new signature line....lets see, if i was good with math i might be able to answer that one.

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