Surprise!! :-)

There was a long time far from here. At first I was very excited with this, and the first sale was something very special, but time goes and no more sales... so I didn't enter here for a long time...

Three days ago I was looking for an image for a new project and I entered here again, and I saw that I have 4 sales more! :D I'm very happy.

These are the images sold:

Scuba divers and barracudas

Caulerpa racemosa


That encouraged me so I hace upload some more xD taked in México (Playa del Carmen and Cozumel). The Caribbean blues are simply beautiful :-)

Diver in Cozumel

Fishes in Caribbean Mexico

Spider Crab

Fishes in Caribbean Mexico

Fishes in Caribbean Mexico

Spider Crab

Lesson: to keep calm and wait for the sales xD

I hope you like them!

Photo credits: Gloria Costas.
Gloria Costas
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  • Glocoru
  • Elche, Spain

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January 09, 2014

Thanks!!!! :-)


January 09, 2014

Great work! compliments!


January 08, 2014

Your images are amazing.