Surprise Win!

Several months back I attended an event hosted by at the San Francisco Zoo. They had a contest with the event for people to go to the zoo and photograph the animals and then come up with a caption for the photo. That day was not a good photograph day for the animals cause they had been really tired from the night before do to the zoo having a night event for its members. This event was hosted to help promote a new book that they had published plus they had plans on donating to the zoo through the adopt-an-animal program.

The contest would have 5 winners which would all receive a copy of the I Can Has Cheezburger Book but the top winner out of those 5 people would have an animal adopted in their name at the zoo. The animal that would be adopted would be the animal featured in the winning photo.

Well the competition did not go as planned and no one knew who won for a little over a month since they had been out promoting their book. Well a couple of weeks ago I got contacted and was told that my photo was picked as one of the favorites and they would be sending me a copy of their new book. I actually still do not know who the other 4 winners are but on top of the book I received a big surprise today in the mail that totally made my day. I found out that my photo was selected as the top winning photo. They adopted the Magellanic Penguins in my honor and what I am really excited about with this adoption is that I get to have a private meet and greet session with the penguins. I am totally excited.

Here are my photos that I entered into the contest: LOL Zoo Photo Set

Here is the winning photo: I'm Ready For My Flying Lessons

Note: The photo used in the blog at the top is not the winning photo.

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Congrats! Good for you and what a great prize!!


Thanks. There could be a chance I can not do the meet and greet on my birthday since they do it normally before the zoo opens up and my birthday lands on one of their zoo members mornings but there is also a chance that zoo members morning might not happen that day also do some changes they are considering. Crossing my Fingers I can do it on my special day :)


Congratulations, what a nice prize to win!


Thanks everyone :)

@ Creativei the picture is of a penguin flapping its wings with a caption on it saying "I'm Ready For My Flying Lessons" then under the picture it says "Someone Forgot To Tell Him Penguins Don't Fly"


Very Cute! Congratulations!


Congrats, thats an great achivement, wow penguin, well i wasnt able to see your winning photo as this site is blocked in UAE.


congratulation, lovely little creature.


Congratulations! So sweet :)


Congratulations! wonderful pic.


Thanks everyone! :)




Congratulations!!!! How wonderful is that? Enjoy the moment. You deserve it. When you get your meet and greet,(hopefully on your birthday), tell them that all of us here at DT say, Hi!


Very Cute!


thanks everyone. :) I'm still on cloud nine from the excitement of finding out that I won. I still have to schedule when I can have my meet and greet with the penguins but I am thinking about on my birthday in February. crossing my fingers I can do it that day :)


Congratulations! I could even see a smile on his face!


If any one deserves it it's you. You have stunning animal photo's and your caption was perfect. Congratulations


Thanks Marilyn :)


Great photo Susan, congratulations!

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