Surprising results on uploaded photos.

Recently I had 3 photos approved, and 2 rejected. I am still getting used to the DT system.

What I was surprised with was that the photo that I thought was one of my best shot (I even have it blown up and hanging on my office wall) was rejected.

The other surprise was that one mountain photo that I uploaded, and after uploading it I figured would be rejected was approved.

I am not complaining, just surprised and a bit confused as I am trying to learn what I should upload that will be likely to be confused.

Here is my latest batch of 3 that were approved.

© Sstedman ( Help)

© Sstedman ( Help)

© Sstedman ( Help)

I am still looking forward to having my first download or sale.

Photo credits: Steve Stedman.

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May 01, 2008


It looks like that middle shot has a dirt spot on the lens or sensor. Nice images though.

April 30, 2008


Great images. I especially like the first one Winter Mt. Shuksan. It is a very "fresh" look to it. You can almost spell the snowy mountain air. Congratulations, and keep uploading. Good luck here!

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