Surprising results on uploaded photos.

Recently I had 3 photos approved, and 2 rejected. I am still getting used to the DT system.

What I was surprised with was that the photo that I thought was one of my best shot (I even have it blown up and hanging on my office wall) was rejected.

The other surprise was that one mountain photo that I uploaded, and after uploading it I figured would be rejected was approved.

I am not complaining, just surprised and a bit confused as I am trying to learn what I should upload that will be likely to be confused.

Here is my latest batch of 3 that were approved.

I am still looking forward to having my first download or sale.

Photo credits: Steve Stedman.

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May 01, 2008


It looks like that middle shot has a dirt spot on the lens or sensor. Nice images though.

April 30, 2008


Great images. I especially like the first one Winter Mt. Shuksan. It is a very "fresh" look to it. You can almost spell the snowy mountain air. Congratulations, and keep uploading. Good luck here!

April 30, 2008


Dreamstime can sometimes be suprising. I have had the same experience, when in doubt upload them both, even if you think it won't be approved. Why? They are looking for variety. I don't know why your images would be rejected, but it might be because there are others uploaded on the site already that are similar.

Good Luck with your first download, and on your future uploads.


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