Surrealistic Photography

As I browse through this site and try to improve my skills in stock photography, I realize a lot of the most popular photos are not really photos at all. But rather a concept that was converted into a photo by combining a few photos together in photo editing software. These photos generally have a big impact even viewing in thumbnail size and are "Surreal" Below are some of what I'm mentioning.

Surrealism is defined as from "a of art and literature developed principally in the 20th century, stressing the subconscious or nonrational significance of imagery arrived at by automatism or the exploitation of chance effects, unexpected juxtapositions, etc."

And I think developers are looking for this because it catches the eye of the consumer.

So I tried my hands at a few.

Probably not as good as some online here but I'm happy with the results.

I've put together a collection that houses these types of photos to help developers find these types of photos. The collection in not quite extensive right now since there is really no easy way to search for these types of photos and hence why I started this collection. I'll tried to add more as I come across more photos. If anyone has this type of photo in their portfolio, let me know and I can add them.

Surrealistic Photo Collection

I hope this is useful.

Photo credits: Irochka, Retina2020, Upimages, Yuri_arcurs.

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