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Most people have heard the cliché, “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”, this is true and helpful when your environment and resources are limited. As you can see from several of my last pictures that my current location is not beautiful and lacking modern architecture, I do not have a luxurious photo studio nor do I have beautiful professional models. I ask myself, “What can I do with what I have”? I have my camera, lenses, flash and more important “Passion” for photography, so I take more pictures. When I am able to, I go out into my surroundings and spend hours looking for my next photo opportunity. I make sure I have the right lens, the lighting is right, the right angle and of course the right subject or object for my next photo opportunity. It feels like I am stacking my next photograph, I climb on and over obstacles, I lay on the ground, just looking for the perfect time, lighting and angle for the shot. No one says that it was going to be easy, but the pictures/photos do not happen by themselves. So, if you are at a place where you are lacking ideas, just look around you. We are surrounded by images. Open your eyes, feel it and make it a reality. If you need more equipment and can afford it, invest in you photography. Better lenses and lights will give you more space and better opportunities. So, don’t be shy, go out, get dirty and capture your next big photographic opportunity. You might surprise yourself, all the best and remember work smarter not harder.

Photo credits: Stangot.

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super and inspiring :) thank for your passion


You have exactly the right idea. Like you say it isn't about just standing and snapping but getting down on the floor, waiting until the light is exactly right, moving about until you get the best angle etc. The best advice I heard was, Don't just take a picture, make a picture.


Couldn't agree more. Thanks for the positivity :)


nice image


All too true - good stuff. Thanks for the inspiration :-)


Great blog!!!


I love your positive energy! Thank you for being an inspiration.


Thanks for sharing!


Great blog, beautiful pics.


Great blog, thanks for sharing.


Interesting blog!


Thank you :)


Very well said :) :)

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