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Abuse is a word that is taken so lightly and yet, the weight of its many forms on our society, and the world as a whole, is so enormous that we hardly know how to eradicate or treat it.

With good intentions we preach against abuse in our churches, warn our children to watch out for it, form support groups to cope with the aftermath of it, and create laws to punish the perpetrators of it. Yet, violence within the home is grossly and negligently tolerated and rarely seen as the soul slaughtering disease that it really is. Therefore, we will accomplish very little unless, and until, the victims and survivors of abuse, our friends, our relatives and our social and religious leaders have the courage and the will to cry out against it and expose the person(s) responsible for this massive inhumanity against humanity.

The laws against injustices to our women and children, the weak, the frail and the elderly must be modified to include stiffer penalties upon those who impose the infection of abuse upon others.

Recognition and treatment for, both, the abused and the abuser, must be updated and enabled.

We have often heard the question posed, “Why do the victims of abuse stay with their abusers?” “Why do they not just walk away?” The answers to these questions are not quite as simple as one might believe. The fact is that, victims will not leave or cry out against their abusers for a variety of reasons; some of these include, but are not limited to:

* Shame.

* Fear of not being believed.

* Emotional or financial insecurity.

* Fear of repercussions from their abusers.

* The belief that they must endure the persecution “for the sake of the children”, or that their children need a father or mother figure.

* The belief that their perpetrator “will change.”

* The victim believes that it is his/her fault or "I am doing something wrong."

However, I am here to tell you that there are no healthy or legitimate reasons for staying in an abusive relationship because, unless an abuser has an intense and indomitable desire to alter their behavior, nothing short of a miracle will change him/her.

Therefore, if you are involved in an abusive relationship, no matter what form of abuse it may be or who the perpetrator may be, you need to know - you are not alone in your struggle! Someone does care! You are of value! You need to know that you are loved by someone! You are worth something to someone, somewhere! You must recognize the strength that you already embody. You must not allow yourself to be bullied any longer! You have the innate right to enjoy life and to pursue happiness.

I CARE! Your friends care! The judicial systems care! The many outreaches of support on the world-wide internet, in your neighborhood, your city and your state, all care about your physical, emotional and spiritual welfare! You are not alone!

However, as difficult and as humiliating as it may seem to be, you must take the first step to freeing yourself from the bondage of ill-treatment. You must reach out to expose your torment and the perpetrators of cruelty. You must be silent no longer!

Surviving the Insanity has been created to assist you, a friend, or a loved one’s, endeavor to freedom, and to aid in finding the strength and courage it takes to walk away from a damaging relationship. For your sake, for the sake of your family, and the sake of humanity and future generations, you must seek the path to recovery and to becoming a survivor.

For the sake of awareness, the goal of this website is to bring as many articles on the subject of abuse as possible into this condensed space, and to direct you to additional aids and resources across the internet and in your community. This website's ultimate goal is to empower you to seek freedom from the life and soul threatening grips of an abuser.

On this site you will find some poems taken from my newly released inspirational book of poetry: Arising from the Insanity: The Written Works of Naomi R. Butler Arthur. You may find a story or two illustrating my experiences as a victim of abuse and how I and my children, with the help of our Higher Power, rose above it to become survivors. You will also find previously published articles on the subject of abuse written by other authors/websites.

If you or someone you know - be it a stranger, a neighbor, a friend, or family member - suffers from abuse, I strongly urge you to have the courage to do something about it. There is hope! No one has to stay in an abusive relationship, no one! By birthright, every living being is entitled to their humanity and dignity! One must understand that fear is the one thing that abusers count on to keep his or her victims where they can be used as a punching bag for an outlet of their own pent up anger and frustrations!

It is my hope that you will find inspiration, hope, strength, and courage while you look for a way out of your own personal battle with abuse.

Naomi R. Butler Arthur

Naomi Arthur
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Writer, Poet, Author of Arising From the Insanity: The Written Works of Naomi R. Butler Arthur. Am a firm advocated for the abused.

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I have seen your web, a very nice and interesting. I wish you a lot of successes with your book! But let me say one wish - I would wish very much our world to be as peaceful as there wouldn´t be needed to write such a book and you could focus to write nice poetry. But it is need, so I wish your book to find the right persons who need it. I wish to you and your family (mother of five childern! Congratulations!) a lot of happiness, peace and strenght!