Swayed By A Logo

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There's been a lot of presidential buzz going on this year, and it's not even the fall voting season yet. Quite frankly, I'm tired of the whole thing. However, being the design-and-visual-minded person that I am, I have been able to cut through the rhetoric and grandstanding and take a peek at what really matters - the presidential logos.

I did some poking around the 'Net and found some interesting items, not only logos from the current batch of presidential wannabees, but also some buttons from the past. You gotta love buttons. It seems no one wears them as much as they used to.

McCain's logo looks very military - I wonder why? Chris Dodd's is very boring - who was he anyway? Mitt Romney's logo looks Word-derived as Ron Paul's is just all over the place. Notice the directions of the apostrophes in the '08s for Gillmore and Hunter. Please! No wonder they didn't get very far. At least Edwards played it safe. Some got it right (Go Obama!). The others simply left the '08 off - a sure sign of clever presidential maneuvering.

So, you see, buttons and logos of the presidential candidates, and presidents themselves, can induce thought, conversation, at times ridicule, and sometimes action. Hopefully, we're on the verge of a new way of identifying, and visually communicating, the views and ideologies of our future leaders. C'mon, hire a professional designer, at least!

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