Switching between systems.

I wonder how many of you have switched between DSLR systems. You have all that gear from one manufacturer and you suddenly realize you want to switch.

I, personally, haven't had that experience yet, but I was so surprised to learn that one of my favourites, a well known photographer Scott Bourne, a Canon user, decided to make a move to Nikon.

He justifies his decision in this blog thread.

Takes some time to sell stuff, buy and get accustomed to the new, for sure. But when you really know what you expect from the gear, it's never too late to change.

After reading the blog I carefully examined my own experiences with my Pentax system and (gladly) ended up with conclusion - I don't need to move :)

Let me quote something from Scott: "It's just a camera, not religion".

Photo credits: Feng Yu, Drbouz.

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November 07, 2011


As a Pentax shooter I really understand your point here, It really ends up to what you shoot and what you really need, the only reason I'd jump to nikon would be their "creative lighting system" where i feel Pentax lacks a bit, but despite that I really dont's see any good reason to change my beloved k5

July 08, 2008


i'm game to try anything, i have a nikon, but would be open to try a cannon too... i know.. it's sacrilegious.... oh well!!

July 08, 2008


That is so True Sebastian...As a photographer we do become a bit hostile when a person puts down our gear.....

July 08, 2008


i am the left one on the image - with nikon :)
if nikon did not introduce full frame camera (d3) - during this year i would have switch my sistem on canon.
but, lucky for me - d3 is here, and i'm enjoying while working.
b.t.w. - i completely agree with scot - yes, it's just a camera - very good camera :)

July 03, 2008


Hmmm that is quite interesting, I agree with Scott in that you should use the camera that fits the style in which you shoot, and having the best camera around might not always be the best choice.

July 03, 2008


we have been thinking about changing as well. good article thanks

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