Symbol Sprayer ...

I decided to share an Illustrator tip with you . For repetitive figures Symbol Sprayer is a great tool.

Just try this;

From the tools menu choose star tool ( it is in the same section with rectangle tool )

Draw a star to your document

Open Windows > Symbols tab. Drag your star and drop it inside the symbols tab. You will be asked about Symbol Options. Give your symbol a name ( if you like ) , and click Graphic Symbol option.

Now you have a symbol.

From tools menu get your symbol sprayer tool and spray your symbol anywhere you like. There are also other tools for symbols such as sifting, sizing , scrunching , and some more ...

You can even create and use your own symbols with the same way.

Thanks for reading

Serdar Tibet

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.

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Nice tip Serdar! Good luck my friend! :)


Thanks for the tip! I´ll tray!!


Your welcome my friends.


thanks for your tips.


great, I'll try!


Great tip!Thanks for sharing!


thanks great tips

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