Tablets and what not

In the good old days, friendship was just going out for a walk and talking to each other with only your dog eavesdropping.

Now friendship is talking to each other on Facebook with the whole world eavesdropping.

In the good old days, tablet was something that my dad used to give me to swallow with a glass of water when I was not feeling well.

Or the word kindle was something the Famous Five used to do in Enid Blyton’s book when they went camping and wanted to light a fire.

© Pazo

Today you ask any child the meaning of Kindle and they will rattle out “ let me see…….. do you have a Android phone ? Then maybe I can tell you the compatibility chances of…..”

"What do you mean Android? And its an Android phone not a Android phone. Have you not learnt about the vowels in school? A E I O U"

“That’s kewl, now as we were talking about this Kindle thingy, its really awesome especially if you are going for the Amazon Kindle. Its just mind boggling and ……”

“Wait a minute, what are the advantages of this Kindle thingy, I mean thing?”

"Well if you are not satisfied with Kindle, you can go in for the Nook”

"The what ?"

"Well, Nook by Barnes & Noble is something where you can download millions of book and read them, and it has this touchscreen thingy …… "

“Aha touchscreen, yes I have seen that. Look here, why don’t we just simply buy a book from the bookstore and curl up in a corner on a rainy day and read and enjoy the book. Do you know the joy of the lovely smell of a new book? When one page is over you simply turn the page and continue reading. And when you want to keep it away you simply put in a bookmark…….

yes that long thing is the bookmark…… which shows you from where you have to continue reading”

“No probs there, I will Google it up”

Google it? What about the good old dictionary?”

“Oh my Gawd, you are so boring, come on, you have to move with the times…… why don’t you just twitter it and you will get lots of …..”

“I don’t know how this twittering thing works and has never done it. I only know that someone twittered and then he had to resign and had to move down south and is now happily married and settled down in God’s own country watching cricket”

“Now I am off to the corner book store”

Photo credits: Robert Adrian Hillman, Atm2003, Niels Kliim, Pazo.

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September 28, 2011


Thanks for sharing...nice blog...

September 28, 2011


Thanks for sharing...

September 28, 2011


I truly feel old! My first use of a telephone was a big wooden box with a crank on the side of it. You answered only if the ring code was yours. I have never used an ATM I have never ,,,,, oh, never mind, you get the point!

September 27, 2011


OMG, you don't twitter on twitter, you TWEET .... LOL ...
and try to explain life without a remote control! very cute :-0

September 23, 2011


That is a good one Afagundes :-)
As it is the Typewriter is relegated to the museum now.

September 23, 2011


My nephew told me he was impressed with his grandpa's printer that didn't need an energy outlet or a computer to work,
It was a typewriter...

September 22, 2011


Good read. Try explaining to a teenager how a dial telephone works. Watch them roll their eyes. My grandchildren did. They could not believe that such stuff actually worked or was in anyway useful.

September 22, 2011


Interesting! thanks for sharing!

September 22, 2011


Thanks for sharing... Life is changing so fast.

September 22, 2011


we are living in very interesting times

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