Take advantage the sun to eliminate noise

One of the assertions seem obvious and trivial, but the simple truth. The sun helps eliminate noise.

But let's start with order.

When one enters the world of Microstock, especially at the beginning, we have some confused ideas about the kind of photo to be developed to try to have at least some sales.

And especially in the beginning, usually do not have access to mass media for picture perfect technically and aesthetically.

However, the photos are all the rage these are referred to as "still life", that those pictures that depict objects, concepts, people, ... possibly on a white background. It is precisely this kind of background that is difficult to obtain.

To play a perfect white light sources are used in the studio, flash, panels, etc.. whose total cost is high. Too high, especially for those who want to try their hand in microstock.

Do not bring photographs obtained with flash-only or low-light sources. Except in rare cases, the same will be discarded as too noisy, especially in the area that should be completely white.

The only way to have to try to get something acceptable, is to photograph our subjects by putting them under the sunlight. In fact, it is the most natural light, is the most powerful and less evenly lit subjects which do not show too much sharpness.

Get a white panel and flexible, place it so that it forms a curve between the floor and the wall, Posat over your subject and try to shoot.

You will see that good results.

These photographs, though they have a white background, I've done with direct sunlight:

Photo credits: Cristian Carboni.

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February 06, 2011


Thanks for the compliments. It 's a picture to which I hold a lot.

February 06, 2011


Oh, your Sardinia landscape is so beautiful!

February 05, 2011


Very good photos. Thanks for the tips!

February 05, 2011


I made some studio photos with natural light or sunlight and I had amazing results, the trouble is that the light changes so quickly and we do not have control for example of the clouds.

February 05, 2011


The discussion is interesting, the advice to add is: buy a flash, and maybe two small universal brand if you have a limited budget, to be used via a wireless trigger, you buy more rational and economical. Hello.

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