Take a hike to the deep forrest

Ant eating insect

Deer in forrest

Forrest of Pine Trees

nature is my thing, living were I

taking the camera and tripod under the arm and just walk in to the deep forrests is so wonderful. when mounting the macro lens, a hole new word is open up. Small bugs looks like giant bulldozers and small plant like giant threes from some scifi move. When you just are walking around in the forrest you dont see the small things. go down on your knees and get little dirty and you will not regret it trust me. some ants fighting over a dead butterfly the lichens with its beautiful colors. go out there and experience it by your self. when you put your head up to look for more things, the deers standing and watching you, maby a elk is standing there right infront of your eyes. and you are standing there on your knees with a macro lens on =).

have a nice day all DT photographers

Silence in the Forrest

Peter Lindholm
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  • Petersjokvist
  • Alunda, Sweden
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August 28, 2008

Tell ya something funny. I just bought a vest and a pair of cargo pants so I could go walking and carry my lenses.


August 28, 2008

great forest shots!