Take one, Take two, Take how many?

I'm very curious how many photo's people take before they have a keeper?

O.K. Here's the thought. Years ago in the film world an instructor once told me for every keeper you can shoot thirty photos.

Now with programs like photoshop I wonder how many get changed now into a keeper?

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August 22, 2007


I don't count, but I can say that I try to make many shots of the subjects from different angles, with different light, etc. At home I look through all of them very critically: on some shots I don't like cropping, on others - light, or shadows, or face expression. I delete many photos, and always leave the best of them. Or none at all if I don't like the result. It's become much easier with the digital cameras =).

August 21, 2007


For me, it varies on the subject, and what kind of mood I was in during the shoot. When I'm more in the zone and the lighting is good, I have many more keepers. I've had some sessions where I consider 90% of the shots to be keepers, and some where I don't like any of the results. Thanks to a 4GB high speed memory card (and 2 backups!), combined with high-speed shooting options on a digital camera, I have a lot more keepers than I did when I shot film. The more images we can take, the greater a chance we have at obtaining those wonderful keepers. :)

August 21, 2007


I keep between 5 and 10% of what i shoot. The delete button is my FRIEND!!!

August 21, 2007


Couldn't add a number; but shooting digital leaves almost no reason not to push the button a few more times. Film costs money; you try to make it count. Digital only costs a delete button. So, I would wager many more are shot and discarded now than were with film; even though PS can fix a lot 'close' shots.

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