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I had a meeting in Edinburgh last week and two or three hours in the afternoon free before the bus left for Inverness. It was a lovely afternoon when the sun shone.

I took an image of the new trams closeup while they were still undergoing test runs down Princes Street and with a tram, buses and taxi alongside.

The trams have so far cost a staggering

The trams in Bradford in North of England were removed about 60 years ago ! There would have been good reasons for scrapping them first in favour of trolley buses then those were scrapped in turn in favour of common or garden petrol buses.

The Scottish Parliament building cost close to

Edinburgh Castle looks great in the Spring sunshine

and the flowers in Princes Street gardens were very colorful.

A very nice feature of Princes Street Gardens are the memorial seats donated and dedicated to the memory of those who loved Edinburgh and have gone to their everlasting home !

Lesson for newbies carry camera and tripod if it is possible wherever you go!

Photo credits: David Watmough.

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May 06, 2014


Stephen that's a very sensible thing to do and clearly helps sales and uploads.

May 06, 2014


I have s single system in a small bag and n o matter here I go, it goes. Even just to work. You NEVER know. This past winter I stopped a few times on the way to work and they light was just right. Shot about 10 images and all ten were approved. Most have had a sale.

May 06, 2014


Yeah David, always bring - at least - the camera! Nice spring there in Scotland :-)

May 05, 2014


It is very beautiful!

May 05, 2014


I hope I can visit soon edinburgh with my tripod. Nice pictures! :-)

May 05, 2014


Yes, I bought a new tripod last week. :)

May 03, 2014


I always carry my camera on business trips, it's a good idea and a great opportunity to earn some $.

May 03, 2014


Nice pictures David ! Have a nice day !

May 03, 2014


Great photos David, and good advice.

May 03, 2014


Nice pics - totally agree - I reckon I take 1/3 of my pictures during business trips - I try to take my Canon G1X with mini tripod everywhere I go - a good camera is the one you have with you.

May 02, 2014


Edinburgh is a very nice town! I was there many years ago as a tourist, but unfortunately I didn't manage to go there again!.

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