Taking Better Photos

I was browsing the iTunes store and I came across an application for the iPhone for taking better photos which is Nikon Learn & Explore.

There are in-depth descriptions of the techniques and settings, as well as a lot of great sample photos. Lessons range in difficulty, showing you how to improve zoomed photos, take pictures at dusk, set the white balance, and more. A glossary explains hundreds of terms and the image galleries provide inspiration as well as assistance.

Browse by image to find the article you want to view. Read an article about a particular shooting situation. Learn a new shooting technique. From beginning photographer to experienced enthusiast, you are sure to find information on Learn & Explore that is of interest to you.

Photo credits: Alxpin.


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December 08, 2009


Thanks Ric for the link,

December 08, 2009


thank Richard.

December 08, 2009


Great informations, Richard! Thanks.

December 08, 2009


Thanks Richard, will definately spend some time looking through this site.

December 07, 2009


thanks I will check it out

December 07, 2009


Thanks for the link it looks great! :0)

December 07, 2009


Thanks a lot for the info!

December 07, 2009


Thanks for the info Richard! I got a new-used camera and we're becoming friends:)) I'm looking everywhere for extra information. The dreaded "M" setting isn't quite as scary to me now..even tho it does take me a few (many) test shots!

December 07, 2009


Thanks for the link Richard... Cheers ;)

December 07, 2009


Yep, Nikon has some really nice articles on their website. I've learned alot there for sure.

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