Taking a break

I often felt the need to take a break from making or processing photos. Every time I took that break I felt guilty and forced myself to make or process more photos but everything was going very hard and I made many mistakes. Finally, I took the necessary break by focusing on other ongoing or interrupted activities.

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After a while (a day or two, a few months) I was returning to photography with love and resentment. Something had changed all this time and I did not know what. Although I was using the same camera, the same lenses, I went mainly in the same locations, under the same lighting conditions, the pictures were different, composed better, I was trying different exposures, I was willing to experience more. Why are the pictures differently? What has happened all this time?

Then, after a while, I was hitting the wall again and leaving everything, focusing my attention on something else. And again I went back to photography and the results were clearly better.

I noticed that the same process took place with the other activities whether it was hiking, drumming, climbing, cycling, etc. Each time I restarted one of these activities I did things differently, better, more exciting, more creative even if I used the same equipment under the same conditions. What happens in all this time I take these breaks?

Well, something extraordinary happened: I grew up, I matured, I was evolving.

All this time when I take a break from certain activities, what really changes is ME.

Now I do not feel guilty when I take a break. Now I look with interest and curiosity at what will happen after every break I take.

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Photo credits: Flynt, Ocusfocus.

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February 13, 2018


Those are old photos, Dariya, i'm not doing that anymore.

February 13, 2018


Thanks for sharing Marius. I have same experiences. I have one question for you. Do isolated photos on white are the best sellers in your portfolio? I saw it. Good portfolio.

February 10, 2018


taking a break is healthy for you. nice blog Marius Scarlat. thanks for sharing.

February 09, 2018


Thanks for sharing..... I really really need a break too....

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