taking risks and erring on the side of caution with photo shop

if i had written this last week like i planned it would be all about taking risks with my post processing. being a little more aggressive, not being afraid of pushing saturation and contrast just a bit. finally getting some isolated shots that i was proud of, because i took some chances

i have always been too critical and too worried that it wasn't just right most of the time i would end up deleting the image before i ever gave it a chance. however i did take the chance and got some accepted.

now it is this week. yet again the discussion of photoshop brushes and shapes has come up and i have put my portfolio under a microscope. i have over the past year purchased from a 3rd party dealer a major amount of photo shop additions. he assures me that i have complete and legal right to use them however i see fit, including commercial uses. he is a very trusted member of NAPP, national association photoshop professionals, and many graphic artists use his site.

i have added to my presets tremendously and had my creative spirit bursting with ideas. i have been very busy this year building my portfolio, creating, feeling more at ease with my art and enjoying it immensely, until yesterday.

yesterday someone posted on the message board a post about free photo shop brushes. Achilles replied a couple of times and all of my paranoia about legitimate use went haywire. since last night i have deleted and or disabled nearly 100 images combined from all of my sites i contribute to, whether it is stock or business cards,greeting cards, etc.

again i have been told i am free to use them, i have purchased them with that license and yet now i am afraid to use them at all. i still have more that i will scrutinize. i have asked the man i purchased them from to give me something legal to stand on. i have approached him before and got the info needed at that point to use them, but now i feel i need new assurances.

so what began as a week of risk taking and feeling wonderful about it has taken a nose dive into a weekend of erring on the side of caution and feeling rather depressed about the loss of resources.

bottom line is i am a Christian and have a responsibility to act upon knowledge that may affect my integrity. i have done that and have more to consider...now to decide where to go from here.

i am learning more and hopefully will stretch myself even more, i will have more of my creative muscles at use and hopefully will come out the better for it.

Photo credits: , Denise Milana Beverly.

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