taking risks and erring on the side of caution with photo shop

if i had written this last week like i planned it would be all about taking risks with my post processing. being a little more aggressive, not being afraid of pushing saturation and contrast just a bit. finally getting some isolated shots that i was proud of, because i took some chances

i have always been too critical and too worried that it wasn't just right most of the time i would end up deleting the image before i ever gave it a chance. however i did take the chance and got some accepted.

now it is this week. yet again the discussion of photoshop brushes and shapes has come up and i have put my portfolio under a microscope. i have over the past year purchased from a 3rd party dealer a major amount of photo shop additions. he assures me that i have complete and legal right to use them however i see fit, including commercial uses. he is a very trusted member of NAPP, national association photoshop professionals, and many graphic artists use his site.

i have added to my presets tremendously and had my creative spirit bursting with ideas. i have been very busy this year building my portfolio, creating, feeling more at ease with my art and enjoying it immensely, until yesterday.

yesterday someone posted on the message board a post about free photo shop brushes. Achilles replied a couple of times and all of my paranoia about legitimate use went haywire. since last night i have deleted and or disabled nearly 100 images combined from all of my sites i contribute to, whether it is stock or business cards,greeting cards, etc.

again i have been told i am free to use them, i have purchased them with that license and yet now i am afraid to use them at all. i still have more that i will scrutinize. i have asked the man i purchased them from to give me something legal to stand on. i have approached him before and got the info needed at that point to use them, but now i feel i need new assurances.

so what began as a week of risk taking and feeling wonderful about it has taken a nose dive into a weekend of erring on the side of caution and feeling rather depressed about the loss of resources.

bottom line is i am a Christian and have a responsibility to act upon knowledge that may affect my integrity. i have done that and have more to consider...now to decide where to go from here.

i am learning more and hopefully will stretch myself even more, i will have more of my creative muscles at use and hopefully will come out the better for it.

Photo credits: , Denise Milana Beverly.

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October 27, 2007


thank you for your encouragement. though i am still checking on the status of these uses, i am content that it was right to take them off. peace is more valuable than having the numbers in my portfolio.

i am not surprised with the advertising dollars Bud has at stake that they would not grant the release, however i am surprised they haven't tracked down the unauthorized uses. they are very proactive when it comes to NASCAR dollars.

doing the right thing always results in a better opportunity. i don't regret it. thanks again.

October 27, 2007


I, too, am a Christian, and I commend you for the stand you have taken. It's so easy sometimes to say "Everyone else is doing it, and nobody seems to be saying anything or stopping it. Why can't I?" But, that's a call we each have to make on our own and for which we are accountable. I had a situation calling for a similar call, only mine was with MRs (or the lack thereof) instead of brushes. I had taken some excellent photos of the Budweiser Clydesdales at an event I had up-close-and-personal access. I did a search on the various stock sites and saw numerous images of them (or parts of them) and/or their gear. I still see them on the sites. However, I had been reading so much about MRs, my gut was telling me to check with Budweiser first to see if I could get permission. It took me awhile to track down the right people, but I finally did. The response was courteous but, "we absolutely cannot grant you permission to use them". I was very disappointed because they weren't the "usual" shots. But, my conscious was satisfied that I had done the right thing. So, I deleted them and moved on. You will be blessed with other "creative works" because you did the right thing. Hang in there, and don't get discouraged. :-)

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